Buy $10 bills for $4.

I help CIO’s achieve immediate, painless cost reduction on network services by taking advantage of new, powerful, little understood leverage.

We won’t take the project unless you have 12 months or more remaining on your current IT infrastructure/WAN contract.

We won't take the project unless we can guarantee
savings of $1 million or more.

We’re paid a gainshare fee, so there’s no risk—only results!

Our story

We began the firm in 2009, at the height of the economic collapse, to prove a new methodology for negotiating IT network services cost reduction. It has succeeded beyond our highest expectations. Today, we offer CIO’s, CFO’s and other IT executives a reliable way to expand their budget dollars in order to apply to other areas needing support

Our elite CIO clients save headcount, hire specialists or rescue stalled projects with the 7 figure reductions we deliver together. We receive great satisfaction supporting these CIO’s as they are recognized for their wisdom and ability to consistently do more with less.

enterprise IT consulting

Snapshot: $500 million private company innovating in radiology services

“Crestview's proprietary methodology has been a rarity in my career...a consultant that not only meets but exceeds my expectations. The targeted reductions were essential to my team meeting aggressive cost reduction efforts without sacrificing development schedules or other budgets. In summary, Tim Larkin and his team at Crestview have become a valued partner in our ongoing cost optimization efforts. I recommend Tim and his team highly and without reservation.”
Shannon Werb
“Like you, I’m inundated with vendor offers and unsolicited claims and ignore nearly all of them. I’m so glad I took time to understand the offer from Crestview and Tim Larkin. Larkin and his team are the only advisor we have that has CREATED budget dollars for us without asking us to change technologies or suppliers or to buy their “magic solution”. They’ve delivered on their projections painlessly and enabled us to recycle budget dollars to other projects and priorities. Because of their gainshare model, they don’t cost anything but they’ve delivered millions for us. I recommend you give Tim Larkin your attention!
Patrick Williamson
Director of Infrastructure
enterprise IT consulting

Snapshot: $3 billion public company in provision of physician services

Snapshot: Nearly $1 billion private company manufacturing custom footwear

For over 100 years, Red Wing Shoes has been creating purpose-built footwear for working men and women the world over. Supporting their dealers and customers is a massive undertaking that requires innovation and dedication supplied by Red Wing CIO, Marc Kermisch and his dedicated team. Marc engaged Crestview to review their network services, software, wireless and mobility management contracts. Applying Crestview’s proprietary methodology resulted in a 35% cost reduction and a very satisfied client.
Gundersen Health System operates 7 hospitals, dozens of regional medical centers, nursing homes and clinics throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. With a long heritage in the region, nationally recognized Gundersen combines excellence with caring. Supporting the requirements of an innovative and growing health system falls on the capable shoulders of CIO Deb Rislow. To critically and selectively review a growing networks costs while in the middle of a contract is a unique challenge. To review and recommend cost improvements, Deb engaged the Crestview team. Within a 90 day period, Deb was pleased to received a renegotiated contract report documenting 34.3% cost improvements.
enterprise IT consulting

Snapshot: $2 billion non-profit health system operating hospitals and clinics

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